Eero Hyrkäs

Eero Hyrkas_designerEero Hyrkäs (born 1951) is familiar with the stainless steel design and processing. The material has fascinated the designer for over two decades.

“I am fascinated by all unprecedented,” says Hyrkäs. This sentence has been a guiding principle for Hyrkäs while his design has developed into more simplified and recognizable direction.

In the family of Hyrkäs there has always been a well-known blacksmiths. Torne Valley workshops and glowing furnace of iron have been replaced by a modern stainless steel and modern technology.

Not only as a designer, Eero Hyrkäs has made a remarkable career in the field of steel development. He sees transforming his own experience to a new generation of top designers as a challenge.


Stainless Steel Awards winner, SASSDA 2002
The Golden Key. Industry and Trade Ministry prize 2000
London Embassy of Finland, Finnish Design exhibition 2000
Design Centre Idoli exhibition 2005
Ambiente 2009
Habitare 2009
Ambiente 2010, Frankfurt: Table and Setting-window

Numerous commissioned works for public spaces and private homes.