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Saara Aalto – You Have My Heart LIFE REBORN -pendant 70 mm


Celebrate love and the opportunity of rebirth in every moment of your life.
“You Have My Heart – LIFE REBORN”

Includes You had my heart album and Saara’s autograph!

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Northern maiden sits in heavens and holds the glowing gold and silver threads of life in her hands.
The pendant tells about the destinies of life and love. It gives its wearer strength and self-confidence, faith in life and in oneself.
Dear people and wonderful memories will remain in our hearts at all times, even when life changes.

The pendant is designed by Päivi Partanen, Nikama Design together with Saara Aalto.

Riipuksen Materiaali

surgical steel

Hopea käärmeketju pituus

50 cm


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