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Arctichrome Lantern, The Northern Lights, polished


On a clear dark Arctic night, a faint green light may begin to shimmer low on the horizon. Suddenly, moving shapes of blue, purple and red appear. Finally, giant curtains of light dominate the sky, waving in a gentle breeze form. The whole sky is ablaze with colors and motion.

The Northern Lights candleholder allows us to enjoy the wonder of nature on a miniature scale.

Arctichrome Lantern, The Northern Lights, polished

Finnish handicraft from Finnish stainless steel.

Arctichrome speaks to people. It is direct and peaceful, it does not ask or explain. Within the calm exterior lies timelessness.

Design Eero Hyrkäs

Paino0.37 kg
Mitat60 × 95 × 150 mm


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