Nikama Design Ltd.

Nikama Design Ltd. is a product design company established in 2009. Nikama Design focuses on Finnish design, which is hand-made in Oulu, Finland. The company takes into account the environment by using high-quality Finnish steel for the manufacture of products.

In Nikama Design’s products steel that refracts light glimmers softly and warmly. Curved and rectilinear forms live elaborately in decorative, gift and utility items and jewellery.

Nikama Design owner and CEO Teemu Partanen’s passion is steel. He has a love-hate relationship with the material, which is firm and unyielding. Steel is a challenging material, but when you manage to get it into a desired shape and polish it so that the light plays on its surfaces, it is very rewarding. Partanen is also fascinated by steel because of its eternity.

Nikama Design’s story began in 2007, when Teemu Partanen made earrings on the basis of the design of Ranka clothing collection, designed by his former wife Päivi Partanen. The massive, airplane plywood made earrings swung in the ears of a model in the fashion show – like a prelude to the future.

Teemu Partanen began to study whether he could prepare earrings of some other material. As a mechanical engineer he has always been fascinated by the different materials and manufacturing methods. Partanen ended up in stainless steel, which has inspired and challenged him ever since.

Nikama Design Ltd. was founded in 2009, and in 2012, Teemu Partanen left his position as project manager at Nokia in order to realize fully his dream as an entrepreneur. The company expanded its operation in November 2013 by buying Tornio-based Eero Hyrkäs Ltd. brands JAUR and Arctichrome into the business.

Nikama Design’s jewellery, the design of which is still Päivi Partanen’s handiwork, were joined by decorative, gift and utility items made of stainless steel – some even internationally award-winning. All Nikama Design’s products have a story that comes from either the nature or humanity. Although steel is hard as a material, the stories and the design bring depth and warmth to the products.

As an entrepreneur, Teemu Partanen is like his material – hard as steel. If someone has said that you cannot make something of steel, for example bracelets, it has served only to incite Partanen. Today Nikama Design’s product range includes several stainless steel bracelets, despite the skeptics. Ranka Series bracelet is currently the company’s best-selling product and was selected as the most beautiful product by the customers.

In April 2016 Taito Pohjois-Pohjanmaa ry (Northern Ostrobothnia Artisan Association) awarded Teemu Partanen as Handicraft Entrepreneur of 2016, which Partanen appreciates a lot. It is great to receive recognition for the work that comes from inner passion. The story and the products of Nikama Design are born of persistence, passion and faith. Through our products we hope to send these things to you, too.