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JAUR Cheese Board


Handles in brushed steel. Removable and easy to clean Durat cutting board. White or black.


JAUR Cheese Board

Finnish handicraft from Finnish stainless steel.

Facts remain simple by their nature as is JAUR, which gets its name from deep waters. The artefacts and decorative objects from the world’s northernmost steelworks are living proof of handcrafted work from an unextinguishable source of creativity and skill at their best.

The result is like its source, Nature itself: direct, uncomplicated and beautiful. Unfettered.

Design Eero Hyrkäs

Weight1 kg
Dimensions345 x 205 x 40 mm

Finnish polyester surface material, which is composed of 50 % recycled plastic and is 100 % recyclable. The material is highly resistant to even the most demanding use, moisture, and various chemicals.


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