The idea of Nikama brand was born in 2007. At the time, an image of a backbone designed for textile fabric pattern changed into a jewel after two years of product development. Nikama jewellery collection was commercialized in 2009 and Nikama Design Ltd. was established.

Nikama jewellery series, designed by Oulu-based designer Päivi Partanen, is based on the vertebrae of the spine and the idea that jewellery are suitable for both men and women.

The design language of the Nikama jewellery collection is based on the vertebrae of the spine. X-ray images of a back with scoliosis and the outlines of cervical vertebrae gave graphic form and created a beautiful jewel-like ornament. Treatment of corporeality brings jewellery profundity and proximity of life.

Spinal vertebrae are symbols of humanity, solidarity and caring. The spine forms the backbone on which the man lives and works. Nikama jewelry wants to respect the mind, body and nature, and to tell that its bearer is beautiful as such – complete as incomplete.