Care Instructions

Regular care and proper cleaning methods keep your product
beautiful and ready for use.

Care instructions for jewellery

Pendant material is stainless steel, surgical steel. Pendants do not darken.

Stainless steel

The product can be washed in the dishwasher. Disinfectants, solvents and high-quality general cleaning products that do not contain chlorine can be used for washing.
After washing, the product is rinsed with clean, hot water and dried. Drying of the surface reduces marks caused by calcareous water.
Chromium oxide layer protects the surface of the stainless steel and it should be avoided to damage. A sponge or a cloth, which has no abrasive grains, is suitable for polishing. The surface is wiped in the direction of steel grinding. for the treatment of polished surfaces, we recommend polishing compounds intended for steel. For grinded surfaces we recommend easily spreadable polishing spray.


Durat® (used in JAUR cheese boards and buffet trays) is very resistant to use, moisture and cleaners. If necessary, the surface can be renewed with a light sanding.


The oxidation causes silver to darken. Skin care products and perfumes cause darkening, so jewellery is recommended to be put on after finishing your make-up and hair.